In-house hotel sitting

Vermont Nanny Connection provides in-house childcare services for Vermont hotels and resorts. Our sitter provide quality care for your children in your hotel room/suite.

Dozens of hotels across Vermont refer their guests to our services. We are sure you’ll be pleased with our sitters!

Vermont Nanny Connection sitters are warm, nurturing, mature caregivers selected for their experience, reliability and commitment to quality childcare.

Our roster consists of candidates who are at least 18 years of age, are high school graduates and have at least two years childcare experience. In addition, they have undergone an intensive screening process:

  • All sitters are interviewed by a highly qualified placement agent.

  • All of our sitters have come highly recommended by three prior childcare employers.

  • All of them have been put through an extensive background screening process, which includes DMV, criminal and sexual offender searches.

  • All have had CPR and First Aid training.

All reservations should be made prior to your arrival in Vermont by either contacting the concierge at your hotel or by using our form below.

Each of the sitters has agreed to meet or exceed the following quality standards of care.

  • Arrive at assignments ten minutes early.

  • Limit personal phone calls to one, unless there is an emergency.

  • Never transport the children without the parent’s permission.

  • Never administer medications without the parent’s permission.

  • Use only redirection, discussion and time-outs as appropriate forms of discipline.

  • Make every effort to interact and play with children. Do not rely on TV or video games as a standard form of entertainment.

Vermont Nanny Connection


VNC fee – $20/day per sitter, $30/day per sitter on holidays.

Certain Resorts have a $25/day per sitter fee.

Hotel sitter pricing is dependent upon the hotel.

In-House Hotel Sitter Pricing:

*4 hour minimum


1 Child

$14-$16 / an hour


2 Children

$16-$18 / an hour


3 Children

$18-$20 / an hour


4-5 Children

$20 and up / an hour


5+ Children

Will require more than one sitter

(based on ages of children).

Holiday Pay:

*5 hour minimum

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, New Years Day, Thanksgiving, Easter, and July 4th

Starts at $25 / per hour


Gas mileage may be applied depending on your hotels location

Once your sitter has been confirmed, the agency fee is due. If you cancel your sitter at any point after confirmation, you still owe the agency fee of $20-$25/sitter/day. If you cancel your confirmed sitter within 48 hours of their scheduled arrival, you are required to pay half of their hourly rate for the time they reserved for you. If you cancel within 24 hours of the sitters scheduled arrival, you will owe the entire hourly rate for the time they reserved for you in addition to the agency fee. Please note that the credit card on file with the hotel will be used in the event of a cancellation unless you specify an alternative payment method.

In order to book a sitter for your stay in Vermont, we will need a completed request form and a signed referral agreement. Thank you and we look forward to fulfilling your childcare needs while visiting.

All fees and rates are subject to change. You will be sent a confirmation with the current hourly rates at the time of booking.