Why should you work with us?

Whether you are new or experienced in this career field, you understand the importance of finding a family that appreciates your unique talents. We can help you! At Vermont Nanny Connection, we’re committed to helping nannies find positive opportunities which match their skills with a family’s needs.

  • It’s simple, you’ll benefit from our services.

  • There is no charge to you for our services.

  • Quite often, the best jobs are not advertised. Many excellent families work only with Vermont Nanny Connection because of the assistance and privacy provided.

  • We personally interview and select families seeking assistance. This saves you time and presents opportunities which are rewarding, enjoyable, and safe.

  • We work with families who will respect nannies as professionals, offer competitive compensation packages, and set reasonable work schedules.

  • Vermont Nanny Connection counsels both nannies and families for successful interviews and long term relationships.

  • Using multiple resources, including other placement agencies, we’ll find you a quality position as quickly as possible.

Vermont Nanny Connection