Full Time

Hardwick Families- These two families are looking for care in an office nursery space for two newborns starting as soon as possible. The schedule will change as of February 2020, but the families will continue on with their nanny. Monday (1 child) 8-5, Tuesday and Thursday (2 children) 8-5, Friday (1 child 8-2). In February, the schedule will change to Monday (1 child) 8-5, Tuesday and Thursday (2 children) 8-5, and Wednesday (1 child) 8-2. The families will be paying a variable rate, $14-16/hour when the nanny has one child and $22/hour when the nanny has two children, rate will be offered based upon nanny experience.

Part Time

Killington Family- This family of three is looking for part time care for their 15-month old starting August 12. The schedule is 3 days/week, approximately 6 hours per day. The days of the week will change on a monthly basis, but the schedule will be known 1-2 months in advance. They’re looking for someone who will allow the child to explore and lead the activities of interest to her, someone who is engaged, and loves taking her outside. Additional responsibilities for the nanny will include some child related housekeeping (such as dishes, child, laundry, etc.) and some meal prep for the family. There are times that the father will be working overnights and sleeping during the daytime, or getting ready for work while the nanny is in the home. They are offering one week of paid vacation, 2 paid sick days, and have a range starting at $15/hour.

St Albans- This family of 6 is looking for part time care for their children (ages 2, 5, 6, and 8 years old). Primary care is for the youngest child, as the other children are in school for at least part of the day. The schedule is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 7:30 - 3:15 pm. They are looking for someone who will do activities with the children at the home, tidy up the play spaces and do light housekeeping (such as loading the dishwasher). Compensation is $15-17/hour.

Please specify the position you are applying to in your application. Applications to more than one position, or general applications are also accepted, please be sure to note it on the form.

*All candidates go through a screening process prior to being introduced to client families. Once a family is interested in a candidate they will go through an interview process with that person and at time of hire will become the employer of record for the nanny. Vermont Nanny Connection, West Childcare Connection, LLC does not employ any care providers directly.